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Full Body Scan

Your full body scan includes: Body Fat Percentage, Fat Mass, Lean Mass, Body Fat Percentage Rank, Comparison Rank, BMR, and Health Risks.

Before every visit at Slim Body Now, you will receive a full body scan.

The summary report is comprehensive and includes current body measurements and fat loss goal tracking.

3D Scan and Measurements

Body Fat %, Lean Mass %, Bone Mass %, Fat Mass, Lean Mass, Bone Mass, Android Mass, Gynoid Mass, Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat, Bicep Left Lower, Bicep Left, Bicep Right Lower, Bicep Right, Calf Left, Calf Right, Chest, Forearm Left, Forearm Right, High Hip, Hip, Neck, Thigh Left Lower, Thigh Left Upper, Thigh Right Lower, Mid-Thigh Right, Thigh Right Upper, Waist (Abdominal), Waist (Lower), Waist (Narrowest)

Full Body Posture

Including: Two scan images of your body

Upper Body Posture

Including: Two scan images of your body

Measurement Snapshots

Including: Twenty scan images of your body

Body Composition & Rankings

Including: Fat Mass Body Composition, Your Ranking, How others rank in your demographic

Fat Loss Calculator & Goals

Including: Selected Fat Loss Goal and report

Activity & Caloric Expenditure

Including: Basal Metabolic Rate, Caloric Expenditure, Caloric Deficit, Goal Date, Caloric Consumption

Waist Analysis

Including: Waist Shape, Waist Circumference,  Waist-to-Hip Ratio

Health Risks

Including: Risk level for disease

Inch-Loss Goal

Select the amount you would like to lose around your waste

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