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New Patient Consultation


New Patient Consultation
Slim Body Now | Weight Loss service in Silver Spring , MD

New Patient Consultation

  • Body Composition Analysis Expert Weight Loss Assessment
  • Personalized Certified Weight Loss Consultation 3D Scan and Measurements

Offer Includes Full Body Scan & Evaluation

Including: Body Fat %, Lean Mass %, Bone Mass %, Fat Mass, Lean Mass, Bone Mass, Android Mass, Gynoid Mass, Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat, Bicep Left Lower, Bicep Left, Bicep Right Lower, Bicep Right, Calf Left, Calf Right, Chest, Forearm Left, Forearm Right, High Hip, Hip, Neck, Thigh Left Lower, Thigh Left Upper, Thigh Right Lower, Mid-Thigh Right, Thigh Right Upper, Waist (Abdominal), Waist (Lower), Waist (Narrowest)

$ 75.00 USD
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