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Ultrasonic Cavitation Post-procedure Recommendations

Ultrasonic cavitation is a circumferential reduction procedure. This means that you won’t be able to measure your success by how much fatty tissue you’ve lost, but instead by how many inches you’ve shrunk in your treatment area. It will help you slim down those love handles or upper arms. Generally speaking, circumferential reduction is enough for people who just want to smooth, tighten, and tone a specific body area.

Body Slimming Ultrasound Cavitation fat reduction is the ideal treatment for all body types when combined with appropriate levels of exercise also, a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

Slim Sculpting Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation

Cavitation is an ultrasound wave exposure on the adipose layer of human within the frequency range of 37-42 khz. Cavitation causes the emergence of many small hollows that extend adipocyte from within increasing intracellular pressure.

Since the cover of the cell (membrane) is thin, it ruptures at the peak moment because of the internal and external pressure difference of the cell. Liquid contents of the fat cell leaks through this membrane rupture into the intercellular space (extracellular fluid compartment). The fat cell dies.

Cavitation is an excellent and effective procedure for local fat deposit removal. In other words, cavitation breaks up fat only in the areas the nozzle of the device touches. There is a range of general recommendations for the duration of the course of procedures, clients report general weight loss and improvement of body contour and general state.

Post-procedure recommendations

  1. Mandatory water consumption: 1.5-2 liters of water per day throughout the cavitation course, which is 2-3 times a week of 5-10 sessions - on the average, general course lasts for 3-4 weeks.
    In this period, if the amount of water is conscientiously controlled, healthy water consumption becomes a habit and a person transitions into a more beneficial diet. This is great for your general state, accelerates metabolism, moisturizes skin and what is crucial - reduces appetite! Hunger often masks plain thirst. If one drinks water regularly during the day, hunger will occur less frequently and it will be not so strong as during water starvation. Consequently, decreasing of the amount of consumed food will contribute to your metabolism acceleration and weight loss.
  2. Stabilization of dietary regime: During the cavitation course, a doctor recommends eating lighter meals frequently rather than eating fewer heavier meals. This habit has positive effect on the client's body shape and overall health.
  3. Minimal physical activity during the day: steady cardio training or 30-minute walk per day - accelerates metabolism, helps reduce swelling and provokes quick excretion of cell dissolution products after cavitation procedure. This habit also restores muscle tone which will impact body contours and skin elasticity. Additionally, this a great preventative measure against future swellings and cellulite.
  4. Lymphatic massage: After every cavitation procedure, a beauty therapist has to provide the client with a mandatory massage in order to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Patients are not allowed to conduct the cavitation procedure on their own without any massage afterwards.
    This goes for any type of the lymphatic drainage: manual massage, pressure therapy session, electromyostimulation session, vacuum massage, or cupping massage. The goal of this is to speed up the excretion of liquid from the organism altogether, along with fat cell dissolution products.

Why should one do it?

During cavitation exposure (low-frequency ultrasound wave) a lot of small hollows occur within a live cell which extend adipocytes from within, increasing intracellular pressure.

And since the cover of the fat cell (membrane) is thin, it ruptures at the peak moment because of the internal and external pressure difference of the cell. Liquid contents of the fat cell leaks through this membrane rupture into the intercellular space (extracellular fluid compartment). The fat cell dies.

And there is an important fact we should note!
The exact lifetime amount of fat cells is predetermined by nature, this means that new adipocytes do not occur throughout human life, the increase in fat deposit volume is caused by the existing cell growing in size, and not by the increase of the general cells amount.

This is the reason why the timely lymphatic drainage stimulation after cavitation is so necessary: to prevent healthy adipocytes from absorbing free fatty acids and triglycerides from the intercellular space of dissoluted cells. After such a stressful exposure on the organism as cavitation, the process of decay products absorption accelerates.

For this reason, the lymphatic drainage stimulation and excretion of fats together with liquid is an obligatory stage of the procedure. Besides, increase of water consumption amount will also facilitate quick renovations of the fluid balance of the organism. All processed liquid leaves the organism through natural ways of liquid excretion (urination, defecation, sweating).

Ultrasonic Cavitation Post-procedure Recommendations / SLIM BODY NOW
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